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    Women in Cybersecurity

    The lack of women in IT and cybersecurity represents a failure to capitalize on the benefits of diverse perspectives: in a world dependent on innovation, diversity can bring the best and brightest problem-solvers to the table; and at a time when technology drives economic growth, it can yield a larger and more competitive workforce.

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    Women are the lead adopters of technology

    Research has shown that women in western countries use the internet 17% more than their male counterparts.

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    57% of bachelor's degrees are earned by women, but only 12% are computer science degrees

    According to Code.org, nine out of ten schools don't even offer computer science classes, and in 28 out of 50 states, computer science doesn't count towards a math or science credit.

Who We Are

We are a national nonprofit organization working to provide a fun, free and widely available Cybersecurity education program for female students tailored to leverage the unique skills and abilities women bring to the industry, while assisting the industry in filling the critical shortage of Cybersecurity professionals.



Students will be exposed to various cybersecurity topics and projects focusing on the skills to be a white-hat hacker. Each student will learn how to collect and analyze Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) required for effective social engineers, be exposed to basic command and scripting required to be effective penetration testers, as well as be learning various penetration testing tools and defenses to protect against malicious actors.



This program is built to immediately have the students learning skills that can be put to use not only in the program but in all their studies. The curriculum is designed to be a valuable learning tool for each girl, but does not demand homework or extensive time after school to finish assignments. The curriculum is designed so that during each meeting a critical skill is taught in a manner that in less than two hours students have immediate satisfaction and value earned.

Commitment by the School

Commitment by the School

Each school that desires to have a local Cyber Warrior Princess group needs to ensure that there is a facilitator available who can host meetings weekly or bi-weekly. There is much flexibility built into the curriculum so each school can establish a program that works well for them. There will need to be an internet connection and computers for the girls to use during the time of the meeting. There is no cost for schools to have a program! Email us today to start a Cyber Warrior Princess group at your school!